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Improve Security Levels for Your Home Business: You’ll Be Glad You Did

If you own a home business, you may have overlooked the need for information security practices. This is not uncommon as it turns out, but what you may not be familiar with are the risks that come with failing to implement these measures. Did you know that […]

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Document Retention: Are You Up to Date?

With all the talk of document shredding and staying safe from identity theft these days, one can be tempted to immediately discard all documents after use. The fact of the matter is that there are some records that need to be kept for one reason or another, […]

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3 Solutions for Storing Sensitive Records

If you stop and think about the possibility of having zero access to your most critical business documents, the thought is probably a frightening one; after all, access to crucial information is imperative to the success of your organization and therefore impacts it tremendously. Without business documents […]

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Clean Out Your Records for 2018! Plan a Successful Document Purge

Losing weight and maintaining a healthier lifestyle are among the top New Year’s resolutions each and every year. When you dedicate yourself to getting healthy or fit, you’re really aiming to feel better as a person all around; this may mean better on a mental, physical, and/or […]

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Are You Shredding these Sensitive Papers?

Having sensitive records shred that no longer require keeping, is one of the most secure decisions your company can make to stop the possibility of information exposure.  With that said, for this process to work properly you need to know what files are deemed confidential and therefore […]

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Are You a Start-Up Business? Be Sure to Follow These Security Recommendations

It’s nothing new to assume that smaller companies have little security measures in place due to the simple fact that they think it isn’t necessary, given the size of their organization. Sadly, however, the opposite is usually the case and due to negligence and lack of security […]

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Be Sure You Get One of These After Each Shred Job

Ever wondered what a COD represents? Professional shredding services are backed by specific security procedures that reflect the highest of industry standards. Before you choose your shredding provider, confirm that you are in fact working with a provider who supplies you with one of these…

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Are You Familiar with the Red Flags Rule?

  If you operate and manage an organization in West Palm Beach, you are probably familiar with the fact that there are several forms of legislation that dictate the way in which you manage and dispose of your business documents on a regular basis. Keeping track of […]

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$51,000 Taken Away: The Facts of Identity Theft & How You Can Protect Yourself

  From the Naples Herald: A man was arrested by Police in Fort Myers who was believed to be responsible for over 100 cases of identity theft. The suspect was pulled over for a routine traffic stop, but officers discovered $51,000 in money orders, ledgers and personal […]

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The Story Behind The Paper Shredder

Paper shredders aren’t exactly devices that most people think about for more than a minute or two; however, the history behind this handy machine is quite fascinating, and steams from some of the scariest and most tense times within the past century. Read on to learn about […]

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