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Records Management FAQ’s

U and Me Records Storage Warehouse

Frequently Asked Records Management Questions

Why does my business require a records management provider?

While we all dream of a paperless office, we’re not quite there yet and documents haven’t been eliminated entirely. Managing documents internally takes time and costs your business money; it’s simply isn’t a practical solution for organized and secure, records management. The risk of lost or stolen records could wind up costing your reputation. Furthermore, privacy regulations are increasingly standardizing how you should maintain your organization’s information.

Why can't I keep records in my basement or storage area?

Basements are prone to flooding and other elements that could be harmful to both paper records and digital records such as hard drives. Our state of the art facility offers adequate protection against fire, flood, and earthquakes. We also have 24 hour video surveillance with limited access to records for additional precautions.

Is records management limited to document storage only?

No. At U & Me Records Management, we provide several records management solutions, including records storage, document scanning, archiving, online backup, integration and – when needed – secure destruction services for documents, and hard drives. Regardless of the service needed, we guarantee your information will remain protected while it’s in our hands.

Can I track or view an inventory list of my records physical at any given time?

Absolutely. Our clients can access documents whenever needed, via the internet with any standard web browser. If you require an inventory listing, would like to schedule destruction, or even run a report, each of these can be done easily with our online system.

How quickly can I get a file or box delivered?

How familiar is U & Me Records with industry regulations regarding destruction?

Our team receives ongoing training in regards to ever-changing regulations, and we are constantly implementing industry guidelines and advancements when it comes to bettering our services to clients. We follow strict procedures when it comes to records storage and destruction to maintain security always.

ArrayIf you request files or boxes before 3PM, we will deliver them to you the next day. If you require a delivery ASAP, we can make your delivery within 4 hours(RUSH), or 2 hours(STAT). (for a small additional fee).
Deliveries are usually made during normal business hours.

Will my inventory be safe?

Yes. U & Me has state-of-the art fire and security systems including 24-hour recorded video surveillance. Only authorized personnel have access to our facilities, and guests must sign in and be accompanied by authorized U & Me personnel.

How do I place a request to U & Me to deliver or pick up files and/or boxes?

There are four convenient ways to place your request: 1) Fax us your request, 2) Call your local customer service representative, 3) Email your request.4) Access our secure website and place your request online.

Can you shred documents that are no longer needed?

U & Me has a full-service document destruction program. We provide you with secure bins for documents to be shredded and have scheduled pick up days for your convenience. Upon your request, we can pull your documents directly out of the warehouse and shred.

Why U & Me?

We are a family owned and operated South Florida business celebrating over 90 years of service excellence. We support the communities we service with cutting edge technology, are cost effective and have dedicated people providing reliable and timely services.

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