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Document Scanning FAQ’s

document scanning florida

What if I would like my scanned documents returned?

Although the important part of the paper is the information on it, we do understand that some customers would like to still keep their actual documents. We will be more than happy to return your physical documents upon completion. However, most customers grow comfortable with keeping only digital versions, and find that the physical documents end up just taking up space and have them destroyed.

Interesting note : Did you know that some of the most important documents in an organized society are those that track ownership of property aka- land records; it’s extremely important to know who owns what. In Florida the Clerk of the Court is the record keeper of these documents. When an ‘official copy’ of the document is requested it is printed from the digital file not pulled from the paper file, in fact the majority of Clerk’s destroy the paper copy immediately after scanning.

If scanning is simple, do I really need someone else to do it?

Although scanning may seem like an easy process, there is more to it than just putting a piece of paper in and clicking scan. We only use commercial grade, high speed scanning machines. These machines are much more sensitive than most personal scanners and will provide a much higher quality digital document. Most all-in-one scanners can scan at speeds between 45-70 pages per minute and often result in misfeeds of paper, low quality digital copies, etc. Our scanners run between 120-135 pages per minute with an operator there to make sure that each page is scanned properly. Although speed is important, there is no need to sacrifice the quality our scanning services can provide without all the hassle of doing it yourself.

How much will it cost?

Though typically done on a per document basis, the cost of a project my differ. We routinely set a monthly budget with customers in order to systematically work through even the biggest projects. We are happy to provide a complimentary consultation to evaluate your project, as well as making suggestions to improve your work rate and provide better service. Even if you decide not to use our services, at least you will have a better grasp of the process and the costs that are associated with going paperless.

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