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Are You a Start-Up Business? Be Sure to Follow These Security Recommendations

It’s nothing new to assume that smaller companies have little security measures in place due to the simple fact that they think it isn’t necessary, given the size of their organization. Sadly, however, the opposite is usually the case and due to negligence and lack of security measures in place, these companies are usually targeted first.

With this in mind, however, it shouldn’t be the sole reason you start a secure culture for your work environment; a data breach is a costly concern and one that can cause devastating effects for those involved.  Experiencing a data breach can be stressful and destructive for any company, both financially, and from a reputation standpoint. Small start-up companies can be far more vulnerable to this type of crime as often you’re still working towards building a positive image in your community, and in the midst of growing your customer base. A data breach or case of information theft isn’t always easy to recover from, so it’s critical that you are taking the necessary precautions to avoid such outcomes as much as possible.

Which information security practices are recommended for a start-up West Palm Beach business?

  • Identify and Recognize Your Legal Obligations
    Be sure to do adequate research on the state and federal privacy laws that apply to your company. Remember that you are essentially legally obligated to protect sensitive information at all times, as a business owner.
  • Write Out a Specific Security Policy
    Put together a detailed document that addresses the need for securing confidential information both in and outside of the workplace. Don’t forget to supply specific guidelines for your mobile workforce as well in this policy.
  • Adopt Secure Document Management Processes
    Only collect and store information that is vital to your business and make sure you are controlling who has access to these critical records at all times. For potential disaster or theft, it is wise to have the proper means in place for effective data backup as well. Maintain a current and organized list of inventory that also covers any and all documents considered private. This should be the case for both hard copy and electronic records.
  • Use Appropriate IT Protection
    Consider using the latest anti-spam and security protection to stop and identify any distrustful malware or viruses.
  • Educate and Train Your Staff Accordingly
    Make sure you are supplying employees with regular training when it comes to security updates and tips in staying protected.
  • Reinforce Physical Safety Measures
    We urge you to customize a policy that requests those who are visiting your office sign-in prior to entering the rest of your building. Always make a point to place locked collection bins throughout your office, as this allows your team to quickly and easily dispose of documents that will be collected for secure destruction. A Clean Desk Policy is an ideal approach in reminding your staff how critical it is to secure sensitive information at all times; whether during storage or prior to disposal.
  • Perform Risk Assessments
    Conduct a Security Risk Assessment schedule to determine whether or not there are security gaps in your company and where attention is needed. You may also do this to determine where improvements can be made.
  • Professional Document Shredding
    Hire an experienced and reputable company in West Palm Beach to carefully handle the disposal of your sensitive documents. U & Me Records Management provides several document shredding solutions to fit your budget and requirements. Contact our team of professionals to learn more about our document shredding solutions and how they can assist your start-up business.

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