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Why Outsource Your Document Shredding

Save Time and Money

Completing shredding in-house at your office can be a very time-consuming and tedious task. In fact, it’s also a job that requires attention and time, costing you in more ways than one.

When you make the decision to outsource your document shredding needs, you’ll discover you can actually save money. When you consider the cost of a standard office shredder, your employee’s time, any maintenance that may be required, it simply makes sense financially to do so.

An office shredding machine requires you to remove all staples, clips and elastic bands before shredding, which can be a frustrating and prolonged task. In addition, office shredders restrict you to shredding only a few documents at a time. At U & Me Records Management this isn’t an issue; we can handle any and all elastic bands, staples or clips without any trouble. Our highly advanced shred technology is designed to shred in minutes what might take you hours to do with an office shredder.

Furthermore, U & Me Records Management accepts large volumes of paper at once, so there are no restrictions when it comes to fulfilling your document shredding needs.  A 95 gallon cart of paper weighs close 300 pounds and takes about 26 hours to shred in-house.

A professional shredding company can shred the same amount in about 8 minutes. Get in touch with U & Me Records Management today to learn how you can start benefiting from outsourcing your document shredding requirements.


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Allow U & Me Records Management to handle your document shredding and free up employee time so they can focus on productive tasks that contribute to business growth.

By outsourcing document shredding, you ensure all confidential information is destroyed and 100% irreversible. It’s also an important step towards maintain compliance with state and federal privacy laws here in the United States.

Save money, save money, and have peace of mind in knowing your documents are secure. Outsourcing document shredding to U & Me Records Management has many benefits to you and your company.

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