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Why Use Document Scanning


A recent report conducted by Ole Business Services found a growing digital gap dividing companies from effectively managing records. The report found that while 91 percent of companies have a location to store hard copy records, just 70 percent have set up an electronic storage database. This may be because most companies relate document scanning with disaster recovery. Documents are often converted to electronic storage because doing so effectively protects the company against sudden disasters such as flooding and fires. However, there are many various advantages to implement document scanning services.


Upgrade Your Efficiency, Customer Service, And Your Company’s Departmental Cooperation

Aside from disaster recovery, scanned and electronically stored documents are much more accessible throughout a business’ varying departments. Electronic document storage saves the time spent walking down halls or making phone calls to request information. Using a central online storage system your employees will be able to easily access company documents. Not only does this improve efficiency, but there also is a process that can be set up to set security restrictions on certain documents in the central database. Many of our customers relay to us how much easier it is not only providing customer service, but also makes inter-departmental work less difficult.. Your company will have a much better ability to service customers by having their details brought up with the click of a button.

More Space

Upon completion of your scanning project, most companies can free up office space by finally being able to send those large filing cabinets to storage.

Are you considering electronic document storage? U & Me is a great choice. As experts in disaster recovery; your documents are safe in our hands because we can restore any hard copies of your documents should disaster arise, as well as help with the search for any electronic copies.

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